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Grow Sports is the first company specialized in a new sport that is conquering the world and it is known as “the best sport ever invented!”. We collaborate with the main sports entities in Spain and Portugal and have a close relationship with the Federation for International FootGolf (FIFG) which manages the Foot_Golf competitions all around the globe.  Continue reading to find out all you need to know about one of our central pillars!

What is Foot_Golf?

Foot_Golf is a new sport discipline – already played in more than 50 countries! – that combines the passion of football with the precision of golf. The goal is to introduce a football with your foot in a hole of 52 cm diameter and with the less strokes possible. In other words, you will be playing golf with a football. Interesting to say the least… right?

Foot_Golf rules are mainly based according to the golf regulation, as the objective and the game dynamics are similar. This activity takes place in the actual golf courses, that have been adapted to enable the practice of Foot_Golf. The courses allow either short holes (Par 3 or 4) or long holes (Par 5), and the game is played as a 9-hole or 18-hole competition – same as golf!

Foot_Golf is a sport that can be performed both individually or in teams and it counts with a wide range of possibilities, being the pairs competitions the ones the preferred option due to fostering the strategic and individual abilities of the team members.

Did you know that Foot_Golf is called to be the surprise star sport in the 2024 Olympic games thanks to its emerging growth around the world? Do not miss this opportunity and join the game now!

Your Foot_Golf event

At Grow Sports we are experts in organising Foot_Golf events of any kind thanks to the diverse background of our team, being part of different national and international sports committees that promote this new sport.

Local leagues, national or international tournaments or even World Cups are some of the projects we have brought to fruition so far.

Imagine that you could organise your event with the best players in the world, in the golf course of your dreams and with a premium and exclusive service…

If you can imagine it, Grow Sports can make your dreams come true.

We are responsible for the whole parts of the event (logistics, catering, contacting the players, partners, audience experience…). Our extraordinary results speak for us, and it is the reason why our national and international clients have trust in us. This allows us to create a solid network of partners along the globe to give the best advice and alternatives when creating your event at a local level, no matter where you are located.

One of the pillars of our success is that every single one of our professionals treat each of our projects as an opportunity to work in something they love, and they take it very seriously to give you the best tailor-made service to adapt to all your needs.

Check-out now our proposal for your corporate event here.

Business opportunities

Foot_Golf means innovation, growth and adapting to change. Start sharing the values of Foot_Golf and make it be the best way to speak about your brand. You can choose between sponsoring a single tournament, a league, an athlete… we can even build an ad hoc experience for you and your clients or employees. You name it!


It is now the right time for you to jump on board of this new global trend, due to the endless opportunities this new sport has for you. Contact us and explain us your ideas or simply ask us for some suggestions at

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